The New Apple iPad 2 Review

Those looking for a mobile media gadget will certainly be interested in the new Apple iPad 2. This article reviews the iPad upgrade and offers an opinion as to whether or not it's a worthy purchase.

There are 5 main differences in the new Apple iPad 2, they are as follows:

1) FaceTime: The new iPad now has both front and back facing cameras. The front camera can shoot both stills and video, where the back is for video only. The back camera can capture 720p HD video. The cameras make it very useful for those wishing to make video calls or take self portraits. Unfortunately at the moment there is only compatibility with Apple FaceTime and Skype but it should not be too long before there are more video conferencing apps that can be used.

2) Size: The new Apple iPad 2 is much thinner (33%) and lighter than the previous iPad. This makes it easier to carry around and to hold. If you wish to use the device for long periods of time you will find it more comfortable and it is especially much easier to use as a reader. The screen size holds the same.

3) Speed: Apple have upgraded the processor with a dual core A5 processor and at least 512MB of RAM. The iPad 2 is now twice as fast as its predecessor. This makes opening applications and the speed in which they run much faster. It also means the device can handle more advance software, so there should be some stunning new apps on the horizon built specifically for the A5 processor.

4) Apps: Apple have added two more apps to the package. This includes Garageband and iMovie. Garageband is a fun way to create music or use as a backing band to practice playing along to. iMovie is their video editing and video making software which is a real winner for those who are interested in making and editing home movies. The garageband music making software is also compatible with the original iPad but iMovie is not.

5) Case: The new Apple iPad 2 comes with its own case, called a Smart Cover. It is very user friendly and covers the front of the device when not in use. When it is opened it wakes the device up and puts it to sleep, when closed. To access and use the device you simply fold the front cover around to the back.

6) Screen: The 9.7 "screen remains the same size but the graphics have been improved by up to 9 times.

To summarize, it can be said that Apple has given the new iPad a significant upgrade and it will be a bought after item. Although it does not do everything your laptop can, it is a very capable entertainment console that is a pleasure to own and use.